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Leading States for Benefit Plans

Our last ERISA benefit plan analysis looked at total plans for the entire United States. Below, we continue that analysis and take an in-depth look at the top five states for both the most number of benefit plans and the top five states for total assets audited.

With nearly 8,000 benefit plans throughout the state, California is home to 10% of audited benefit plans.

Together, the top five states account for 35% of all audited benefit plans.

When looking at market share by assets audited, four of the five states named above, New York, California, Illinois, and Texas, also lead in terms of benefit plan assets by state. 

New Jersey, with 6% of the market, rounds out the top five states by assets audited.

Stay tuned for upcoming articles which explore the top auditors by state for both the number of benefit plans and the most assets audited.

This data is based off of 2016 filing year, with a filing deadline of October 15, 2017.

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