Impacts of COVID-19 on Public Companies

Audit Analytics recently released a new report, Impacts of COVID-19 on Public Companies. Leveraging our extensive databases, this report provides an in-depth look at the pandemic’s impacts on certain aspects of financial reporting and financial health metrics of public companies. … Continue reading

SEC Enforcement Highlights Late Filing Disclosure Risks

On April 29, the SEC’s Enforcement Division announced charges against eight companies for failure to disclose complete information in Form NT (non-timely). The companies delayed issuing financial statements due, at least in part, to errors in previously issued financial statements, … Continue reading

Audit Analytics now Offers Accounting Quality Insights

Audit Analytics is proud to announce Accounting Quality Insights, our newest research product geared towards investors and financial professionals. Accounting matters are crucial in understanding the complete financial picture of a company; our insights cover accounting, control, and related governance … Continue reading