Due Diligence with Audit Analytics

Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP on Audit Analytics

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP boasts over 2,000 employees and ranks among the top 20 public accounting firms in the nation.

Jeff Rapaglia, Partner, works within the firms’ Professional Standards Group. His responsibilities involve public company matters such as guidance development, oversight, and quality control.

Rapaglia, who has many years of experience using Audit Analytics, has worked on integrating data from Audit Analytics into Dixon Hughes Goodman’s operations. “Audit Analytics allows us to better understand and evaluate the public company landscape. We leverage Audit Analytics as a valuable resource in our quality control processes, which includes evaluating the possible impact that comment letter trends could have on our clients.”

One of the ways Rapaglia uses Audit Analytics is by receiving custom email alerts for companies of interest: “I have specific emails setup which allow me to monitor information regarding financial reporting matters, market movement, and other accounting related events.”

“Having access to Audit Analytics is invaluable. In terms of researching specific companies or industries, Audit Analytics is one of the best services available.”

Audit Analytics for Evaluating Potential Prospects

At Dixon Hughes Goodman, Rapaglia leverages Audit Analytics for evaluating potential public company clients.

Using Audit Analytics’ data sets and public company profiles, Rapaglia researches past company events and disclosures. He analyzes and benchmarks data points such as past audit opinions, changes in c-level management, financial restatements, audit fees, and SEC Comment Letters.

“When it comes to evaluating potential prospects, we look at trends, red flag events, and governance information. With access to Audit Analytics, we can assess if a particular company is a right fit for Dixon Hughes Goodman.”

To learn how Audit Analytics can benefit you, and your firm, email us at info@auditanalytics.com or call (508) 476-7007.