Year-End European Audit Fees Starting to Roll In

December 31, 2018 year-end annual reports are starting to roll in, and with them our European research team is hard at work extracting audit fee and other audit-related data from them.

As of February 18, we have audit fee disclosures for 66 companies with fiscal year ends of December 31, 2018 in our European database. (Note: This number has increased as of today, with well over 100 disclosures available.) In this post, we take a look at some of the initial results from looking at this data and highlight a few interesting examples.

Companies listed on the Nasdaq Copenhagen exchange lead the way, with 22 companies already available in the Audit Analytics European Audit Fee database.

The Swiss Exchange follows with 11, and so on.

Three of the 66 companies use a joint-audit approach, namely Vinci SA (DG: Paris), Vivendi SA (VIV: Paris), and Svenska Handelsbanken (SHB A: Stockholm).

Of the 66 companies, five have changed auditor since their 31 December 2017 year end.

Finally, below are some notable audit fee disclosures. In particular, we present fees with significant changes from the prior year.

Although the December 31 year-end fees are just starting to roll in, our European Audit Fee database currently has over 1,300 records for companies with other 2018 fiscal year ends.

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