Cybersecurity Breaches Every Lawyer Should Consider

In 2018, the SEC issued new guidance on cybersecurity disclosures and policies, in response to the 65% of companies that were not disclosing breaches.

What does this mean for lawyers and the legal field?

Through Audit Analytics’ unique Cybersecurity Data Breach database, an attorney can build and support their practice by:

  • Identifying material breaches
  • Benchmarking breach severity
  • Assessing clients’ cyber risks
  • Identifying companies subject to cyber litigation for business development.

Key data points include date of breach, type of attack, type of information stolen, number of records stolen, and direct links to SEC disclosures.

In addition to specific data breaches, Audit Analytics also tracks the risk factors for the Russell 3000 that may lead to litigation.

37% of Cybersecurity breaches affecting public companies between 2011 and 2018 (as of June 2018) were disclosed in SEC filings.

Top industries affected by the disclosed breaches from 2011 to 2018, include: Prepackaged Software (23), Hotels & Motels (20), and Cable & Television Subscription Services (18).

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