Clark Nuber Leverages Audit Analytics for Non-SEC Opportunities

Clark Nuber P.S. is a CPA and consulting firm located in the Seattle Metro Area. With a staff of over 200
professionals, Clark Nuber specializes in private companies, angel and venture-backed companies, not-for-profit,
and public sector organizations. Clark Nuber is a founding member of the Leading Edge Alliance Global.

Partner Matt Medlin leads Clark Nuber’s technology sector with a focus on angel and venture-backed enterprises.
His other industry specialties include consumer products, telecommunications, and health sciences. Medlin helps
start-up and emerging-growth companies establish sound business practices to enhance their ability to raise funds,
attract customers, and develop their teams. He also works with mature companies to refine their practices to secure
additional capital, improve their operations, and explain their financial results to investors and creditors.

Business development with Audit Analytics

A majority of Medlin’s business comes from private companies. Audit Analytics’ Private Placements and Form D
daily email alerts enable Medlin to stay up to date on vital corporate events, including private companies that are
using private securities offerings to raise capital. The Private Placements database allows these companies to be
filtered by location, industry, size or total offering. “I use Audit Analytics practically every day. Their easy to use
tools allow me to quickly and accurately answer the question, who is my addressable market?”

Medlin emphasizes that he has success using the custom email alerts to monitor reportable events occurring in his
regional area of focus. “Audit Analytics’ daily email alerts have directly resulted in prospective meetings and new
business opportunities.”

Additional alerts available through Audit Analytics include director & officer changes, financial restatements, auditor
changes, and more.

Audit Analytics as a due diligence and thought leadership tool

While 80% of Medlin’s use is for business development, he uses other Audit Analytics’ features such as company
profiles and the restatements database for various tasks including article research and litigation support. For these,
Medlin elaborated “I find value by quickly looking up an Audit Analytics’ company profile page and having the ability
to identify the specific details of interest.”

Some of these details include audit fees, financial restatements, and current governance information.

Overall Experience

Medlin was familiar with Audit Analytics through a previous employer who relied heavily on the Audit Analytics’
restatement database, which supplemented and then ultimately replaced their own in-house research and analysis.

When collecting data from previous market intelligence providers Medlin noted he “…always felt like I was missing
something.” But with email summaries and up to date information from Audit Analytics, Medlin
feels that he is able to stay competitive and monitor issues of interest within his industry and geographic
area. Through an affiliation with LEA, Medlin shared that Clark Nuber “gets access to a great service
[Audit Analytics] at a very competitive price point.”

For information on Audit Analytics for audit firms, e-mail or call 508-476-7007.