IPO Issuer Accounting and Legal Fee Trends for the Years 2008-2012

The table below contains the accounting and legal fees of IPO issuers for the years 2008-2012. As demonstrated in Table 1, a decreasing trend emerges in average accounting fees during the years 2008-2011. In 2012, however, average accounting fees increased rapidly to over $311,376 more than in 2011. Average legal fees displayed a different trend. During 2008-2012, average legal fees increased steadily. In 2012, a bit of a leap was then exhibited in fees: average legal fees increased to over $186,312 more paid than in the previous year.


The table below includes the total dollars raised by IPO issuers during the years 2008-2012. This dollar figure was calculated by multiplying the number of IPO shares by the IPO price for each issuer and then obtaining a total sum. During the years 2008-2009, there was a drop of over $160,760,784 in average IPO dollars raised. Through 2009-2011, there was a steady decline in average IPO revenue raised. During 2011-2012, however, the average number of IPO dollars raised increased by approximately $100,777,572.


In order to put these dollar figures into perspective, we can look at total fees as a percentage of the total IPO dollars raised. From 2008-2011, there was an increasing trend of total fees as a percentage of total IPO dollars raised. In 2012, however, the percentage declines.