Accounting Quality + Risk Matrix: Tutorial Video

Back in March, we announced the release of the Accounting Quality + Risk Matrix (AQRM) to subscribers of Audit Analytics. AQRM is an interactive tool designed to quickly identify and understand qualitative and contextual indicators of governance and reporting quality. Red flags and events highlighted in the risk matrix are used for screening, idea generation, portfolio monitoring, and risk management for every SEC registrant.

AQRM is available through, as an app on Bloomberg Professional, and as a data feed. In the following tutorial video, we walk you through the key components of the Bloomberg app version.

AQRM allows you to quickly review the history of a company’s reportable events, including proprietary datasets such as Financial Restatements, Out of Period Adjustments, Changes in Accounting Estimates, and more. Access in-depth information and analysis for these events with a single click.

Audit Analytics continues to expand capabilities for our clients with this new tool. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any question or comments.