Accountants’ Liability 2016 Conference Overview

At this year’s annual Accountants’ Liability conference held in Washington, D.C., Audit Analytics’ CEO, Mark Cheffers, together with Robert Kueppers, former Vice Chairman at Deloitte, presented a comprehensive update on liability exposure issues faced by the accounting industry. Topics covered in their presentation included large … Continue reading

Non-GAAP Metrics in SAB 99 Materiality Analyses

The pros and cons of non-GAAP metrics have been discussed in more than a few recent articles. Proponents of non-GAAP frequently claim that GAAP contains many ambiguities and loopholes, and that non-GAAP metrics can be more current and relevant. Opponents sometimes … Continue reading

When is a Cybersecurity Incident Material?

Recently we discussed the principle of materiality in the context of Valeant Pharmaceuticals and its Variable Interest Entity (VIE), Philidor. In that post we examined two key concepts in assessing materiality, namely quantitative and qualitative. It is possible for something to be quantitatively immaterial, … Continue reading

2015 Audit Committee Transparency Barometer

Last week, the Center for Audit Quality released its second annual Audit Committee Transparency Barometer. The Barometer, compiled and published in partnership with Audit Analytics, evaluates the extent of audit committee disclosures for the S&P 1500 composite companies, broken out by Large Cap … Continue reading

PCAOB Audit Committee Dialogue

The PCAOB’s May 2015 release of its Audit Committee Dialogue provides audit committee members of publicly traded companies with insight into concerns that have consistently arisen in discussions between audit committees and auditors over the past few years. In addition, the … Continue reading