Who Audits Public Companies – 2018 Edition

In the last year, the population of this SEC registrant analysis has decreased from 6,460 registrants to 6,167, a difference of 293 companies, or 4.5%.

The continued contraction in the number of smaller companies helped the top 10 firms that audit public companies increase their relative market share, growing by almost one percent in comparison to last year’s top 10. The Global Six (Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, BDO and Grant Thornton), together with Marcum, MaloneBailey, RSM, and Crowe Horwath audited over 62% (3,844) of the 6,167 public registrants.

Non-accelerated filers experienced the largest population decrease, almost a 12% drop (66 companies) from the prior year. Of the 477 Non-Accelerated Filers, the Big Four together with BDO, RSM, and Grant Thornton, audited the most number of companies for a total market share of approximately 63.5%. The remaining 36.5% is shared by 70 other audit firms.

Smaller Reporting Companies decreased in population by almost 7%, or 179 registrants. In terms of market share, the top five firms, which together audit 19.1% of Smaller Reporting Companies, include MaloneBailey, Marcum, BDO USA, BF Borgers, and RBSM. The remaining 1,950+ companies are audited by over 280 other firms.

Large Accelerated filers, those with a public float of more than $700 million, increased in population by 1%, or 14 companies. On the other hand, Accelerated Filers (public float between $75 million and $700 million) decreased by 0.6%, or 64 companies. The Global Six led the audits for both the Large Accelerated and Accelerated Filers with 95.8% and 68.4%, respectively. Ernst & Young audited the most number of companies in both markets by a good margin.

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